Arabic Language, Motivated Students and Difficult Conversations

Originally broadcast 11/23/2015
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This show discusses two different topics in depth. First comes the second Local Talk program-segment on "Difficult Conversations" with Alicia Krehbiel, Hospice Care Coordinator at Mary Greeley Medical Center. Hear why you should be sure to have these difficult but profoundly important conversations with your family (old AND young) and with your doctors and caregivers. And learn how to begin and continue these conversations more easily. In the second half of the program we talk with Ghinwa Alameen, a lecturer in Arabic language at Iowa State University. Ghinwa's students come from many different disciplines, and are mostly American-born, but she describes them as all "highly motivated." And they recently proved that they are highly motivated to keep Ghinwa as their instructor at Iowa State! Hear the whole story here!

Local Ames Businesses

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 11/20/2015 Noon
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Our theme for today was Local Ames Businesses. Cindy Hicks, director of the Main Street Cultural District , kicked off our program by telling us about Small Business Saturday, the local answer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We then spoke with owners of businesses that began before the North Grand Mall or Big Box store were built and have successfully adapted to changing shopping patterns in Ames. These included Rick Swank of Swank's Jewelry Store, Mark Peterson of Emerhoff's Footwear, Dave Samson of the Hobby Shop, Marg Junkin of Cook's Emporium, and Brian Smith of Evert's Flowers and Gifts. Our new Business Reporter Jim Werbel then told us that he views businesses as change agents and enjoys covering them with that in mind. He played a clip with employees of Sigler Printing about the family feeling of working there. Daniel Culhane, director and CEO of the Ames Chamber of Commerce told us about the expansion of the Ames Municipal Airport.

Fund Drive: Wednesday Local Talk

Membership week Wednesday Local Talk has three live shows. This gives us a chance to showcase the varied types of programs we feature in our TEN county listening area [Story, Boone, Greene, Hamilton, Hardin, Marshall, (North Polk), Dallas, Webster, and Jasper]

7:00 AM: our Nature Reporter, Pat Schlarbaum, talked with Doug Harr, president of the Iowa Audubon Society telling us about the arctic birds seen already in Iowa this winter. Steven Bradbury of ISU and member of the Iowa Monarch Consortium then gave us an overview of the ways we can deal with the conditions driving down the numbers of Monarch Butterflies. Jessie Lowry conservation director at the Blank Park Zoo, in charge of the Plant Grow Fly program to increase habitat for Monarchs.

Noon: Stu Huntington, professor emeritus in Community and Regional Planning, joined us as a dedicated listener of KHOI to talk especially about programs in KHOI that show how small nearby towns thrive in difficult times. Host Susan Franzen shared some of her favorite voices from towns throughout the area. These were: Scott De Young, Mike Mackey, Anthony Rosing, and Robby Peterson.

7:00 PM: Marty Miller brought us two members from the original Barn Owl Band, Jon Duvick and Roger Alexander, who played songs from past concerts recorded at Ames City Auditorium and for Prairie Home Companion. They reminisced about how they first formed to play at the Central Iowa Barn Dance.

Richard Wolff at KHOI

November 16, 2015 - 4:00pm -- ron

Noted economics professor Richard Wolff described his career as a teacher of Marxist economics during a reception at KHOI Monday (Nov. 16). Wolff’s nationally syndicated program “Economic Update” is broadcast Tuesdays at 4:00 PM on KHOI. He was in Ames to give a lecture on “Democracy at Work, a Cure for Capitalism” at ISU.

Ames Cultural Ambassadors

Originally broadcast 11/16/2015 at Noon
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On the noon show for Nov. 16, we had what could be considered Ames Cultural Ambassadors. Our guests live in Ames and perform nationally. One guest is Michael Ching, who recently had a world premiere of his opera Alice Riley in Savannah, Georgia. The other guests were Julie Fox Henson, the assistant concertmaster (pictured to the far left) with the Des Moines Symphony and Alan Henson, the principal cellist with the central Iowa symphony. We talked about their efforts in music education.

KHOI Contributes to National Newscast

Originally broadcast 11/16/2015
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Four KHOI reporters--Ursula Ruedenberg, Greta Anderson, Gale Seiler and youth reporter Max Eness, were "commissioned" by Los Angeles station KPFK to contribute to its national broadcast with on-the-spot, live interviews immediately following the 2nd Democratic Presidential Debate, held at Drake University this past Saturday. Gale and Greta got credentialed for the "Spin Room", where they interviewed campaign managers of the Sanders, Clinton and O'Malley campaigns; Ursula and Max covered the scene outside the debate, snagging an interview with Cornel West and losing a shoe. We start this pledge week show interviewing our good landlord at the Pantorium, Dennis Jones, then tell the stories of our intrepid reporters as they try out a new beat and a new technology. Don't forget to pledge your support to KHOI Community Radio!

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