Arab Spring, Studio Tour, Bird of Mouth

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 09/30/2016
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This show, hosted by Gale Seiler, went from global to local. Karim Abdelhamid, Mohamed Abufalgha, and Mohamed Elfourtia talked about their participation in the Arab Spring and the outcome of the revolutions in their countries, Libya and Egypt. Then we turned to the local art scene. Catherine Reinhart, an artist, who has a show opening at Design on Main, and Sara Merritt, of the Ames Community Arts Council told us about the Studio Tour on October 8 & 9. We heard from Jennifer Knox and Tyler Harms about Iowa Bird of Mouth, an online crowd-sourced poetry project honoring Iowa birds.

Politics Is Local: The Environment

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 09/29/2016
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Today's edition of Politics is Local deals with the Environment. We review the brief mention of the environment in Monday night's presidential debate. Did Trump or didn't he say that global warming is a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese? (hint: yes). We then explore the stances of "climate change deniers" Chuck Grassley and Steve King, both up for re-election, and those of their opponents, Patty Judge and Kim Weaver.

Then, long-time Ames resident and environmentalist Erv Klaas provides an overview of how water issues have developed, and how they might be addressed, drawing on a recent op-ed by Kamyar Enshayan. After the musical break, Boone resident Mark Edwards describes how "the personal is political" when it comes to water, and how that has led him to be involved in several environmental struggles on the local and state level.

We explore the issue of "local control" and the Master Matrix program instituted in 2002 for hog confinements, and how that impacts county supervisors, and conclude with audio from Iowa Environmental Council director Ralph Rosenberg, who tells us what questions to ask our local candidates concerning the environment.

Webster City This Week, Tom Shroder

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 09/28/2016
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Our visit to Webster City started with an orientation from Deb Brown executive director of the Webster City Chamber of Commerce, answering our question about how Webster City attracts visitors and local people to its downtown and to the beautiful nature surrounding it. As it turns out a concert in the park is scheduled this Thursday (September 29) with local musicians Peter Odegaard and River Glen. If you can't be there, you can check out the musicians by clicking their websites. Then I visited Maureen Seamonds of Legacy Learning, Boone River Valley as she described the activities planned for Wild Gatherings Weekend, coming up October 1 and 2. Paul Wierson closed our program talking with Tom Shroder, who be talking about his latest book The Most Famous Writer Who Ever Lived at the Kendall Young Public Library. The Most Famous Writer . . . is the biography of Shroder's grandfather, McKinley Cantor, 20th century screen writer and Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, who grew up in Webster City.

Ligntning, Conversations In Chinese, Cheshire Moon

Originally broadcast 09/26/2016
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A brief discussion about the nature and dangers of lightning.

Jingtao Wang explains how she has initiated Conversations In Chinese sessions at the Ames Public Library starting October 5th, for those who want to learn and practice Chinese Language. In the coarse of the discussion, she and Chinese American Ames resident, Cinian Zhen-Durbin, exlplain some of Chinese language, history, and the immigrant experience, as well as a long-standing Chinese language academy for children in Ames.

Lizzie Crowe and Eric Coleman who make up a local band, Cheshire Moon, talk about their upcoming "virtual concert" that they plan to perform from their Ames residence on Thursday night at 7:00 PM to an audience scattered around the country and the world.

A Local Take on Criminal Justice

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 09/22/2016
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Every Thursday morning at 7:00 AM until November 8, the KHOI Local Talk production team brings you political content, focusing on local and state races and local takes on national political trends. Programs will be re-broadcast on Saturdays at 9:00 AM.

The recent shooting of Terence Crutcher by police in Oklahoma is one of many such incidents that keep the nation focused on issues of law enforcement and criminal justice. This program looks at issues of racial discrepancy and bias in sentencing, policing and possibly even in law-making.

Local voices include Story County Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald; former Story County Attorney Mary Richards; and Betty C. Andrews, President of Iowa-Nebraska NAACP.

Also heard on issues of criminal justice are the voices of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, (speaking on his proposed Sentencing Reform and Corrections Bill); activist Al Sharpton; presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein; members of the Black Lives Matter movement; and the sister of Terence Crutcher.

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