Food Pantry, Shadows of Liberty, and Healthiest Ames

September 29, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Originally broadcast 09/29/2014
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Jean-Philip TremblayKay Puttock interviews Roy Fischer from the Bethesda Lutheran Church Food Pantry as part of our Community Service Appreciation program.

This coming Friday evening, October 3, KHOI will present a special screening of the independent film, “Shadows of Liberty”, which investigates corporate control of news media, censorship, cover-ups and offers an analysis about how this colludes with forces of corruption and war. Jean-Philip Tremblay (pictured), the award-winning film maker, calls us from London England, to describe the film and explain why he made it.

Then, Cheryl Langston and John Shierholz come by KHOI Studio A to explain the Healthiest Ames program integrating various exercise and recreation activities throughout our community. They announce a lecture at 3:30 PM October 3 on the "walkability and bikability" of towns by Mark Fenton.

Clean Water Radio, Episode 8: Taking Stock of Waste

September 26, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Originally broadcast 09/26/2014
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Ursula and Greta speak with two residents (and past mayors) of Luther, Iowa (pop. ~ 120) about that town's sewage crisis. Many, but not all, septics in Luther are sending partially treated waste to the watershed, and the city council has a proposal to upgrade them all at the same time, at considerable expense. Next, Greta visits the new waste lagoon facility of Collins (pop. 500), which surprised residents with its expense ($42-44 a month) and expanse (18 acres). Residents of small Iowa towns are struggling to take responsibility for their waste. The rest of the hour is spent talking with Gene Tinker, coordinator of Animal Feeding Operations for the state of Iowa, about regulations on the raw manure produced at factory farms and spread on farm fields throughout the state. Does Iowa code demand accountability from farmers or protect them from it?

Global Unity

September 25, 2014 - 12:00pm -- ron

Heart of Iowa program originally broadcast 09/25/2014
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Evening Celebration of Global Unity at Café Diem in downtown Ames.

This event in the Café Diem was part of series of events known as Eleven Days of Global Unity, which occur annually from September 11 to September 21. The Eleven Days of Global Unity are part of an international effort to inform, inspire, and involve people in building a culture of peace and celebrating a sustainable future. This Café Diem event features live poetry readings by Third Stanza, a society of Ames-area poets, all of them reading poetry relevant to the themes of peace, tolerance and sustainability.

Third Stanza meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 6:00 - 8:30 PM in the Ames Public Library. Call Margaret at (515) 232-0728 for more information.

Talent Factory and Elizabeth Zimmerman

September 24, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Originally broadcast 09/24/2014
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Larry Sloan of the Talent Factory in Nevada co hosted LOCAL TALK today with special guest Tom Richards, co-writer of our theme music “Backtrackin.” There was more musical conversation with Elizabeth Zimmerman who will be a featured performer at the Octagon Arts Festival in conjunction with Maximum Ames Music Festival this weekend. Ed Fallon called in with a report of the Great Climate March held in New York City. Dorothy Dyer-Hanson told us about the Bethesda Clothing Closet as part of our Community Service Appreciation program.

Maximum Ames Music Festival

September 22, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Originally broadcast 09/22/2014
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A sampling of the events that took place in Ames the weekend of September 19-21, followed by a preview of Maximum Ames Sept. 25-28. Chris and Cynthia McClure reported on the world music and international food at the Food Festival and on the brews and music at October Fest in downtown Ames on Friday and Saturday. Sunday saw two very different events. On the East side of town, Susan Franzen described the dramatization of Ames founders who were Civil War veterans with two of their wives – the Cemetery Walk, described in our September 19th program. On campus, Active Us, a student group dedicated to increasing awareness of the danagers of Climate Change, sponsored a rally on Welch and Lincoln Way, preceded by the film DISRUPTION shown in the Memorial Union. Stephen Biggs described the purpose of the film and the response of those who participated in the rally. Reporter Kay Puttock recorded some of the conversations on the line. Rivka Fidel, a graduate student, told us about the attitudes of ISU students. Nate Logsden gave us rundown on some of the highlights of the music groups appearing at various venues in downtown Ames during Maximum Ames.

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