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Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 05/27/2016
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We aired podcasts produced by Rana Hawezi, Branwen Gerard, Jonah DeGeest, and Esther Lee who are Seniors at Ames High School. These were interviews they did as part of the Story County Stories project. The Ames Progressive Alliance returned for their monthly segment. Victoria Szopinski, Anne Kinzel, and Betty Baird, from the Alliance, interviewed Bob Haug, Don Kom and Mike Fisher about Ames Community Solar.

Ogden's 150th and Fun Days 2016

Originally broadcast 05/25/2016
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We visited Ogden for to preview the Sesquicentennial Celebration of its founding and the upcoming Ogden Fun Days 2016 Festival. Connie Rudy, author of the local history Downtown Ogden, Past and Present, gave an overview of the town's development.

Doug Nebbe described the career of his father, a popular band director of the 1930s and '40s, as well as providing insights into the history of Ogden's role in the Iowa coal industry.

Becky Blair, from the Ogden Reporter, told about the newspaper's role in gathering and publishing weekly stories about the people and events from Ogden's 150 years.

Dan Friedrichs gave an enthusiastic preview of the some of the events of the three day Ogden Fun Days celebration, including a drive-in movie on Thursday night, the giant car show on Friday, the parade on Saturday morning, and Bill Riley Talent Search on Saturday evening.

Lunching with Friends, Britches & Hose

Originally broadcast 05/23/2016
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Where do you go to find community in Ames? Several women have a standing date to meet at Stomping Grounds restaurant on Wednesdays for lunch. They explain how this small group got started, the parameters they abide by and why it works so well for them.

Then, we catch three songs from Thursday night's performance by the central Iowa ukulele club/band/gang, Britches & Hose, the last in this season's Third Thursday Café series at KHOI.


Carr's Pool, Ames Water, Science Olympiad

Originally broadcast 05/23/2016
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Alex Fejfer of the Ames Historical Society describes the history of Carr's Pool, built in just a few weeks with no money down to save Ames children from the hazards of swimming in the Skunk River. Kathy Svec will present a lecture on the topic on Tuesday, May 24.

Lyle Hammes, superintendent of the Ames water plant, compares Ames's water situation to that of Flint, Michigan, and finds there's no comparison. Nonetheless, 303 Ames residents will receive letters with the news that their private service lines may contain lead.

Five Ames students who will partcipate in the 2016 national Science Olympiad in Menominee Wisconsin this weekend describe how they prepare and what they have learned. Nathan Chen, Nick Leng, Marina Len, Jason Chen, and Sarah Song are joined by coaches Carrie Marsh and Peg Barbour, who brought Science Olympiad to this state over 20 years ago, and parent and mentor, Cinian Zheng-Durbin.

Ada Hayden

Originally broadcast 05/18/2016
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We started our program with a phenology report and finch songs in honor of the pair of house finches that built their nest atop the speaker outside the door of KHOI. Then Erv Klaas told us about the origins of Ada Hayden Heritage Park and ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance it. These include the Reflections blog and the Friends of Ada Hayden Facebook Page . Erv also told us about the park's namesake, Ada Hayden, whose 1908 PhD was the first granted to a woman by Iowa State College. Konrad Kramer, Executive Director of the Whiterock Conservancy in Coon Rapids enhanced Erv's descriptions of the efforts underway to restore the remnant of an oak savanna at Ada Hayden Park by describing an old growth oak savanna at the Whiterock Conservancy. Maureen Seamonds told us about upcoming classes offered by Legacy Learning in Webster City with a description of the cabins available on the Boone River at Briggs Woods just south of Webster City. The program included a reprise of a couple of songs by performers at The Rhubarb Sessions held last week.

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