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Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 08/24/2016
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Kelly Wiech committee chair for Huxley Prairie Fest started the show by describing the unusual activities for this year's festival to be August 26-28. Then Lynn Scarlett, executive director of the Nevada Chamber of Commerce, told us about an event with a different history of emphasis - the 33rd Lincoln Highway Days to be celebrated in downtown Nevada this weekend. We ended the show by turning north to Little Wall Lake in Hamilton County, starting with a segment from Susan Franzen on the history of sailing in central Iowa, which actually started on Little Wall Lake almost 50 years ago. This included recollections from Bernie Gerstein, Fritz Franzen, and Ursula Ruedenberg. For an update on Little Wall Lake today, we heard from Brian Lammers, Director of the Hamilton County Conservation Board.

Women at ISU: Past and Present

Originally broadcast 08/22/2016
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The show started with sounds of the storm-tossed Foodies and Brew gathering in downtown Ames on Friday.

Ursula Reudenberg brought us an interview with Marilyn Gibbs Alger, co-owner of the Cranford Building in Campustown, who talked about that building’s connection to the history of women faculty at ISU.

Host, Gale Seiler, was joined by Lora-Leigh Chrystal, the Director of the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program at ISU, who told about current efforts to address the persistent lack of women in many science fields.

Beginnings and Endings: Schools and the ERP

Originally broadcast 08/19/2016
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This program focuses on beginnings and endings: the beginning of the new school year; the ending of the old Roosevelt school as a school and its re-birth as historically-sensitive condos; and the hiring of a new director of the Emergency Residence Project in Ames.

Carrie Dunwalt, the new director of the Emergency Residence Project (ERP) , and Shari Reilly the chair of the board talk about the work that is ongoing and has already been accomplished in Ames to prevent and ameliorate homelessness. All are welcome to the party for Vic Moss, the retiring director of ERP, on August 28 at the Depot Deli, 2:00-4:00 PM.

Alex Fefjar, of the Ames Historical Society talks about the history of the Roosevelt, the much-loved building that once housed an elementary school and is now historically-sensitive condos. You can be at the debut showing of the documentary film The Roosevelt, from Classrooms to Condos if you attend the Annual Benefit Dinner of the Historical Society, on Saturday, August 27.

Three fourth and fifth graders from Sawyer Elementary School visit KHOI studios together with Kathy Hanson, Director of School, Community and Media Relations for the Ames Community School District. They give us a preview of the spoken-word performance they've composed and that they will be performing for the teachers and staff of their school on Monday, to welcome them back at the start of the school year. Together they give an uplifting message about the culture of mutual caring that is being established at their school.

Resource Recovery, Restoration

Originally broadcast 08/17/2016
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Monthly guest Merry Rankin of the ISU Office of Sustainability brings in Superintendent of Ames Resource Recovery Plant Bill Schmidt and Ames public relations officer Susan Gwiasda to share stories from the first-ever--and hugely successful--Rummage Rampage event over the July 29-31 weekend. This community-wide rummage sale was designed to divert furniture and other usable household items from the landfill during the rental move-out date.

Ursula Ruedenberg goes to the Iowa State Fair to check out the FFA's Agricultural Machinery Restoration Competition. Henry Corbin of Nevada describes the antique washing machine he refurbished (in pink!), and Nevada FFA members Eric Fevold, Chance Steffes, and FFA state secretary Chase Kusel, describe their projects as well.

This month's Community Service Appreciation segment by Kay Puttock features Devita Harden of the local Ames NAACP chapter. President Edna Clinton will be featured next week.

Bicycle Repair Man, ISU Learning Communities, "Cranes Over Ames"

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 08/15/2016
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Gale Seiler talks about "Learning Communities" at Iowa state - that help ISU students adjust to a large campus - with: Jennifer Leptien, Interim Director of Learning Communities at ISU; Carmen Flagge, Diversity Coordinator and Multicultural Liaison Officer for the College of Human Sciences, and Coordinator of the Connect Four Learning Community in the College of Human Sciences; and David Mena, a third year student in the College of Human Sciences and a Senior Peer Mentor in the Connect Four Learning Community.

Diane Corson, owner of Bicycle Repair Man with her husband Craig Corson, descries their mobile bike repair business. She goes on to explain how they take "damaged" bikes from Target and other businesses and restoring them to be donated to people who need bikes but can't afford them. You can donate used bikes to them by calling them at (515) 232-8232 or contact them through their web site.

John Hall, Director of Business Development for the Ames Economic Development Commission, describes "cranes over Ames:" the development boom in Ames, which is rapidly growing.

Mosquito Tidbits, Social Security Takeaways, Dog Detection

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 08/12/2016
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Brendan Dunphy, Research Associate in the Etymology Department at ISU, talks about his work taxonomizing the mosquito species of Iowa, and shares tidbits of mosquito lore in the context of the zika virus media feeding frenzy.

Sue Olson, AARP’s 4th congressional district volunteer leader and Rob Bingham, volunteer from Ames, talk about the Take a Stand campaign uniting Democrats and Republicans in the political struggle for the continued solvency of the Social Security trust fund. If politicians don’t act now, retirees will be subjected to 25% cuts in the year 2034.

Ames dog trainer Jim Peters brings his talented four-year-old German shepherd into the studio to talk about the many kinds of detection “Rocky” is involved in, from solving cold cases to seeking out Iowa’s endangered turtles.

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