Bollywood Birthday

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Merry Rankin, Director of Sustainability for ISU and Ames, and John Dunn director of the City of Ames Water & Pollution describe the history of water access in Ames and the new state-of-the-art Ames water plant, opening August 26 9:00 AM with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open ouse for the public. More information on the opening

ISU Office of University Relations executive director John McCarroll describes the Task Force meeting held by the Iowa Board of Regents where ISU proposed Tuition hikes over the next 5 years due to reduced state funding.

Sree Nilakanta, business professor and band member of Chai Tunes, Ames' own Bollywood Band, describes the band, the music, and their upcoming free concert at KHOI on Saturday August 12, 5:30 PM, 410 Douglas in Ames, to help celebrate KHOI's 5th anniversary. The Chinese Childrens' Choir will also perform Festivities and a street concert will take the party out onto Douglas Avenue at 6:00 PM Join us for music and cake!

Anti-Nazi, Peace Training, Disaster Preparedness

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 08/09/2017
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Anti-Natzi Rally in AmesOn Sunday evening, Ria Keinert describes how she planned a spontaneous rally, speaking out against the white supremacist and Neo-Nazi rally held over the weekend in Charlottesville, VI, that ended in violence. More than 350 people gathered in the Ames Band Shell Park  to listen to speakers and then marched up and down Main Street, bearing signs and chanting slogans. Various people in the demonstration are featured in a recording made at the rally.

Other guests include: Fred Van Liew from Van Liew Meditation and Consulting, Keith Morgan from Story County, and Chris Perrin from Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Buick Rallies and Great Blue Herons

Originally broadcast 08/09/2017
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Leanne Harter, Story County Outreach and Special Projects Manager, told us what's coming up in her Story County Report. Pat Brooks, vintage car enthusiast, described two international rallies he and his wife Mary Brooks drove in their 1949 Buick woodie -- one across China in 1997 to publicize the opening of a new Buick plant in China, and a bi-centennial "around the world in 80 days" in 2000. When not driving their car all over the world, they have spent most of their lives in central Iowa. We closed out the show with the final spotlight bird, the great blue heron, in our yearlong poetry celebration of Iowa Bird of Mouth presented by Jennifer Knox, curator of the crowd-sourced poetry project, and Tyler Harms, director of Iowa Young Birders. Paul Wierson

Tornadoes, Sam Salomone, CIty Council

Originally broadcast 08/07/2017
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It is tornado season, so we present a study of myths and facts about tornadoes, including a first-hand account of the July 19th tornado in McGregor Iowa, given by McGregor librarian Michelle Pettit.

This coming Saturday, August 12, KHOI will be celebrating the completion of its fifth year on the air in central Iowa. Festivities will include a 5:30 PM concert of the Chinese Childrens' Choir and Chai Tunes, Ames' own Bollywood band, both at KHOI, 410 Douglas Avenue in Ames. Afterwards, there will be a concert in front of KHOI on Douglas Avenue, by Sam Salomone, organist, inductee in the Iowa Jazz Hall of Fame and the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame. KHOI's Ron Carson and Greta Anderson, spoke with Sam about his life and career playing the Hammond B3.

Foodies & Brew, Farm to Folk

Originally broadcast 08/04/2017
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Cindy Hicks, director of the Main Street Cultural District, gave us a lively preview of tonight's event, Foodies and Brew, which features a sampling of local cuisine from some of Ames best chefs paired with their choice of regional craft beers. Marilyn Anderson, coordinator of Farm to Folk, then discussed with us the various ways citizens can buy locally grown produce in Ames.

Susan Gwiazda, Public Relations Officer for the City of Ames, brought guest John Dunn, director of the Ames Water Plant, to tell us about the opening of the Water Treatment Plant Expansion at 1800 E. 13th Street, which will have its ribbon cutinng on August 26. Merry Rankin, Director of Sustainability at Iowa State University and the City of Ames, reported on the success of the recent Rummage Rampage, a unique exchange that provides a service to those moving in and out of Ames, while avoiding sending items to the landfill. Volunteers raise money for their organizations as well. The final item of city news was a request for citizens to fill out a survey on their level of satisfaction on the internet service. in an Internet Provider Survey to be found on the city of Ames website.

Model Ts To Alaska, Update from South Story County

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 08/02/2017
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Paul Weirson talks with Brian McNamara of Story City about the 7,250-mile trip from Iowa to Fairbanks, Alaska, made by Brian and Lee Kilmer, retired ISU professor from Ames. They made the trip in their two 1926 Model T pickup trucks driving at 30 miles per hour (5 miles per hour in the mountains!).

Howard Hammond of Slater gives updates from Southern Story County, including a report on the famous Slater Fourth of July celebrations, an upcoming town festival in Fall that will be covered by WHO TV that will include Slater, Boone, and Ames, and the Ballard Educational Fund that gives scholarships for higher education to graduating high school students.


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