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Neuroscience and Music

Originally broadcast 11/09/2017
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Two special guests give in-depth insight into the neurological reasons why music therapy is effective. Dr. Elizabeth Stegemoller is a Professor of Kinesiology at Iowa State University. She is also a music therapist and a neuro-scientist. The second guest, Patricia Izbicki,  is a graduate student at ISU who has a music backbackgound and is currently working towards a PHD in neurology.
These guests acquaint us with some of the many benefits that music, musical training, and music therapy can provide in early childhood education, and also in alleviating conditions like ADHD, Parkinson's disease and dementia. You'll also hear from people who are currently benefiting from music therapy.
Dept. of Kinesiology at ISU:
Parkinson's Singing Group: Every Wednesday 3:00-4:00 at the First Baptist Church, 200 Lynn Avenue, Ames

Parkinson's Music and Movement Group: Every Tuesday 4:00-5:00 at the First Baptist Church, 200 Lynn Avenue, Ames.

Career Paths & Indian Summer is Here, But Get Ready for Winter!

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Originally broadcast 11/13/2017
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A summary of last week's news stories from the Iowa Informer.
In a look at how we adapt and change to follow our personal dreams to build successful career paths, David Gould speaks about guiding young people seeking meaningful professions. Gould coordinates the Belin-Blank Center, an international program at the University of Iowa, that develops gifted education programs to develop new talent. Also, Tanya Austin, Professional Development Coordinator and Career Coordinator in Business at Iowa State University's Career Services, describes counseling young people to be flexible and prepared for multiple career changes in today's world. Tanya shares her own life story about how she built and changed careers.

Keith Morgan, Story County Emergency Management Coordinator, gives an outline of how to prepare - mentally and materially - for Winter.

Free Fire Zone, Food Recovery

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Originally broadcast 11/10/2017
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Dennis Hart, bringing us our weekly news summary drawn from  local papers, gave us an intense report of local as well as Ames elections.  For Veterans Day we had an interview between Dennis Maulsby and Maggie Westvold including readings from his new award winning book Free Fire Zone.  Our Live Green report from Merry Rankin included Autumn Redlong founder of Food Recovery Network and the organizations faculty sponsor Laura Merrick.

Changing the Iowa Landscape

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 11/08/2017
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Steve Lekwaformer Story County Conservation Director, and Adam Janke, assistant professor, and extension wildlife specialist at  ISU, discussed how Iowa agriculture has developed and what adaptations might be made to maintain habitat, as well as ways to increase soil health and water retention. Turning study into action, KHOI's wildlife reporter Pat Schlarbaum brought us an interview with Ric Zarwell from Iowa Coldwater Conservancy about the public roundtable on water issues that affect us all.

Vote November 7, Wildlife Center, Blue Sky White Stars

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 11/06/2017
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Judy Trumpy, representing the League of Women Voters of Ames and Story County, came in to tell us what we need to know to get to the right place to vote tomorrow.  To answer questions about locations go online to the Iowa Secretary of State.  Or call the Story County Auditor at 515-282-7210.  Marlene Ehresman, executive director of the Iowa Wildlife Center, was on hand to tell us about the work of the center   heard from Sarvinder Neberhaus about her forthcoming children's book, Blue Sky White Starsa book described as "Phenomenal.  A love letter to the country America can still be."

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