Chinese New Year & Monthly Ames Civic Update

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Chinese-born residents of Ames, Cinean Zheng-Durbin, Jintao Wang, and Cindy Yu share their childhood memories of how they and their families celebrated the Chinese New Year in China. They describe how this major family holiday is celebrated in various regions of the country. You can introduce children to the Chinese New Year festivities at the Ames Public Library on February 20 at 11:00 AM in the story-telling room on the ground floor, with songs, video, origami monkey, art, and language lessons.

Ames Public Relations Officer Susan Gwiasda gives a monthly civic update for the City of Ames. Contact information of note: To report a snow or ice covered sidewalk, or leave a message on the city's dedicated Snow Walks hot-line, (515) 239-5468, with the address of the covered walk. Applications for city commissions deadline is February 12. Nominations for historic preservation activities , including work on building exteriors, site work, and other notable contributions to preservation in Ames are due February 12.


Caucus Origins in Ames, Winter Safety, RSVP

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Richard Bender tells how he was an ISU student when he began to work for Cliff Larson in Ames, anti-war oriented Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. In his work for the party, Bender proposed the changes to the Iowa Caucus process for greater democracy and grassroots input, and carried out the first years of the process before it became obvious they had started something of national importance.

Betty Boccella of Central Iowa Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) describes volunteer opportunities and training, from clerical office work, to helping young people, to finger printing and searches for missing persons. A wide variety of opportunities are available along with training for the work.

Keith Morgan , Story County Emergency Coordinator gives tips for safety in Winter and how to stay WARM - as well as your animals!.

KHOI brings National coverage for Iowa Caucuses

February 1, 2016 - 7:00pm -- ron

Monday February 1, 2016
7:00 PM - until results come in

Tune in to 89.1 FM on Caucus night for information and caucus results, along with regional and national voices sharing the night's experiences and offering responses and analysis as Iowa sets the tone for the national presidential nomination process. KHOI reporters will also be situated at caucuses around the state and party celebrations for each candidate in Des Moines to report on-the-spot live coverage.

KHOI is teaming up with Pacifica Radio Network to deliver live national coverage. The broadcast will be hosted from the KHOI broadcast studios. The audio will go to Berkeley, California (with the help of Pacifica Technical staff in Texas and New York), where KPFA - Pacifica will up-link the program to the Pacifica Network's satellite. Approximately 200 community radio stations access the satellite.

It's Show Time!

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Caucus Day in Iowa has finally arrived. Over the weekend KHOI reporters Gale Seiler, Susan Franzen and Greta Anderson attended the final appeals of candidates Clinton, Cruz, and Rubio in Ames. They provide audio highlights and insights. We take a summary look at the Republican race with our valued commentator David Redlawsk, a political science Fellow at the Harkin Institute for Public Policy and Citizen Engagement , who tweeted about more than 100 candidate events in Iowa this season and attended all 20 of the soapbox speeches at the Iowa State Fair this summer. On the Democratic side, Laura Belin, who has been writing as desmoinesdem at the Bleeding Heartland blog since 2007, shares perspectives on Bernie's rise and how the caucus system could affect results.

Caucus Talk!

Originally broadcast 01/29/2016
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A jam-packed show of perspectives on the upcoming Big Event. Host Greta Anderson starts the show off in Des Moines 6:00 AM Thursday as fast-food workers strike for $15 and a union. Then, a conversation with Frances Anderson and Brenda Brink, precinct captains for Bernie Sanders, together with Bob Johnson, a first-ever political participant. Ben and Jerry share a few words, and a new ice cream flavor. Iowa State student David Kurayov tells us how students are likely to participate—or not—Monday night. And Ursula Ruedenberg files a report on the Martin O’Malley Wednesday event at Torrent Brewery, where the Governor played guitar, took a selfie, and resuscitated (well, almost) a fainter. Brett Barker, chair of the Story County Republicans, encourages caucus-goers to CHECK THEIR RESPECTIVE PARTY’S WEBSITE (and NOT campaign literature) for up-to-date, accurate caucus locations, while Sue Dinsdale of Iowa Citizens Action Network encourages caucus-goers to submit a plank on Pentagon waste. We close with Bryon Dudley’s essay on David Bowie’s Black Star, first appearing in the Iowa Informer, a new online source for Iowa politics, news, culture, and creative content. Check it out folks!

Media in the Caucuses

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 01/27/2016
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ISU Professor Steffen Schmidt was with us again today to talk about Media in the Caucuses from his online Iowa Caucuses MOOC and also Spencer Burton, independent film maker from Portland Oregon who has been in Iowa for several weeks filming campaign events.

The co-host for the last part of our program was Max Eness, from KHOI's Teen Zone, hosting a discussion among Alexia Clinton, Paulina Lavrova, and Ben Sulzberger on the effect of social media on first time voters.

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