KHOI Is Hiring A Studio Operator

July 12, 2016 - 10:00am -- ron

KHOI is hiring a full-time person to help manage our studio and broadcast facilities. KHOI’s Studio Operator works with the people and equipment that makes community radio possible in Central Iowa. It’s an interesting and challenging position that requires technical, managerial and social skills. For more information, click the “Read More” button below.

Purple Martins, Beep Baseball, Republican Convention

Originally broadcast 07/25/2016
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News of a successful rescue from a wind turbine accident in Huxley. Phenology of purple martins which are fledging and becoming active at this time. Tim Gedler, Ranger at Walnut Woods State Park, south of Des Moines, talks about the martin colonies he's lured onto his property and gives tips for their care.

Allyson Walter of Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau, together with special guest Jan Traphagan, First Vice President of National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA), and Chair of Beep Baseball World Series Committee, talks about the Beep Baseball World Series now being held in Ames.

Former Republican State Representative Teresa Garman discusses the recent Republican Convention.

The Hot Spot

July 23, 2016 - 8:00pm -- ron

Ames Police Commander Geoff Huff and The Hot Spot Host Viveca Dillard discussed race relations, Black Lives Matter, police training procedures and other topics on her show Saturday night. The program is available at the KHOI archives.

Race and Policing; Vanishing Blues Band

Originally broadcast 07/22/2016
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Eric Hatfield and Perry Davis from our sister station WHYR in Baton Rouge talk about the events of the past few weeks and how they have used community radio to help the necessary dialogue about race and policing begin.

The Ames Progressive Alliance continues a conversation it started last week about these issues, with an all-star lineup of guests: Malik Burton and Julian Neely, ISU students involved in Black Lives Matters, pastor David Knight of New Birth Baptist Church, Dr. Anthony Jones, vice-principal of Ames Middle School, and Chuck Cychosz, chief of Ames Police.

Adam Brimeyer, manager at DG's Taphouse, presents the lineup for Sunday night, including Jordan Mayland and the Detonators (with several Ames personnel) and headliner Devin Frank Vanishing Blues Band. Devin Frank got his musical start playing with Poison Control Center (currently on hiatus), and shares some of his memories of PCC's heyday in Ames in the early 2000s.

Birds of a Feather

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 07/20/2016
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Themes of waterways, wildlife, and especially birds weave through this show, beginning with the visit of Bill Stowe, director of Des Moines Water Works, to Ames on Monday, to discuss water quality. ICCI organizers are launching a campaign for a moratorium on hog confinements, saying that the state has reached saturation, with 7 hogs for every 1 person.

Summer intern Isaac Biehl explores the Pokemon Go! phenomenon with ISU student Tate Huckstadt; meanwhile our Local Talk engineer Jonah DeGeest catches a pidgey and pidgeotto in our studio. Evidently, our radio station provides good habitat for these imaginary birds.

Wildlife correspondent Pat Schlarbaum tells us of the Iowa DNA’s work in this 18th year of bringing osprey back to Iowa, and the many types of volunteers who are involved in the project. Young birds are taken from nests in osprey-rich Minnesota at an age where they are old enough to eat a fish on their own, but young enough not to remember their Minnesota roots.

Speaking of native birds, Nevada poet Jennifer L. Knox tells us of her crowd-sourced poetry project, Iowa Bird of Mouth, by which anyone can add words / lines / verses to a poem created each month about 12 different birds of Iowa. The project starts this September 1 with the American Goldfinch, Iowa's state bird.

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